The best roofing felt in Edinburgh depends on the specific needs of the property, but these types are often regarded as top choices:

1. Torch-On Felt:
• Durability: Provides a long-lasting solution due to its multi-layer application.
• Weather Resistance: Withstands Edinburgh’s frequent rain and wind effectively.
• Waterproofing: Offers strong adhesion and waterproofing when heated onto the roof.

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2. SBS Modified Bitumen Felt:
• Flexibility: The addition of rubber (SBS) allows this felt to flex with temperature changes, reducing cracking risks.
• Longevity: Known for its long service life, especially on flat roofs.

3. Polyester-Reinforced Felt:
• Strength: Adds reinforcement through a polyester base, making it more resistant to tearing.
• Cost-Effective: Offers good value, combining strength and durability at a reasonable price.

4. APP (Atactic Polypropylene) Modified Bitumen Felt:
• Heat Resistance: Resistant to high temperatures, making it suitable for sun-exposed roofs.

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The best roofing felt depends on factors like the roof’s pitch, climate challenges, and the budget. Local roofing contractors in Edinburgh can guide homeowners in choosing a high-quality, suitable felt that meets their requirements.