In Edinburgh, the strongest felt typically comes in the form of torch-on or polyester-reinforced felt. Here’s a breakdown of its characteristics:

1. Torch-On Felt:

Durability: This type is heated and melted onto the roof deck, providing strong adhesion and excellent waterproofing.

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Layers: Usually applied in multiple layers, it offers enhanced protection against Edinburgh’s often wet and windy climate.
Resistance: It resists damage from UV rays and adverse weather conditions.

2. Polyester-Reinforced Felt:

Strength: Polyester reinforcement adds structural integrity and flexibility, making it less prone to cracking.
Longevity: Offers a longer lifespan than traditional felt, with some systems lasting up to 20 years.

3. SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) Modified Bitumen Felt:

Flexibility: The SBS rubber additive increases flexibility, crucial for temperature variations.
Waterproofing: Its modified bitumen composition provides superior waterproofing, especially for flat roofs.

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These felts are ideal for enduring harsh conditions, ensuring long-term durability and protection. For the strongest felt roofing in Edinburgh, it’s advisable to consult local felt roofing contractors who can assess specific requirements.