The cost of a flat roof in Edinburgh varies based on the roofing material, labour charges, and the complexity of the roof. On average, the price range is as follows:

1. Material:

• Felt Roofing: £40 – £60 per square metre, ideal for smaller budgets.
• EPDM Rubber Roofing: £70 – £100 per square metre, offering longer durability.
• GRP Fibreglass Roofing: £80 – £120 per square metre, known for its waterproof properties.

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2. Labour Costs:

• The hourly labour rate in Edinburgh for roofers can range from £20 – £40 per hour.
• More complex roofs or those requiring structural adjustments may cost extra.

3. Roof Size and Complexity:

• Larger roofs require more materials and time, increasing overall costs.
• Multiple protrusions like skylights or chimneys can also lead to a price increase.

Additional factors such as insulation requirements or urgent repair needs can affect the cost. Requesting multiple quotes from local roofing companies and contractors is recommended to find a fair price for your specific project.